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Joint character set for the Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and
Cyrillic alphabets

Nowadays it seems quite natural to write and to read these words. However, the history of writing,
especially the alphabetic writing, is rather short compared to the human history. One of the first  alphabetic writing system emerged about 3000 years ago in Phoenicia. From this system derived the Hebrew, Latin, Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets. Nevertheless, this common historical origin is no longer obvious today. My interest in languages and my knowledge of these four alphabets have motivated me to try and develop for them a new joint character set. Through experiments with the letters forms I created BABEL2014. Each BABEL2014 character stands for the same sound in the four alphabets (sometimes it is mirrored or rotated). BABEL2014 refers to the linguistic and cultural rapprochement by the globalization.









The project won a silver nail at the ADC Germany competition for students





BABEL2014 at TYPO Berlin 2015 - International Design Talks






BABEL2014 at the Israeli-German exhibition "Lichtung", BETONBOX Düsseldorf / Alfred

Tel Aviv-Yafo, 2015






BABEL2014 at Folkwang*inside, C.A.R 2015, SANAA Building, Essen







Bachelor presentation, 2014, SANAA Building, Essen






BABEL2014 Project













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